Traditional vs. Electric Nail Files

By Maria Hernandez / September 5, 2016
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More and more salons are ditching their traditional nail files in favor of electric files. These handy tools are inexpensive and highly-effective at shaping, smoothing and shining delicate nail surfaces. Some are battery-operated while others require an electrical outlet, but they all serve the same purpose. With a filing attachment secured to the end, electric nail files use a 360-degree spinning action to easily file and buff nails.

Traditional Nail Files

nail salon supplies onlineAs far as professional nail supplies go, nail files are essential. The most common type of traditional file is made of metal, but glass varieties also exist. Metal files are typically recommended for customers who have hard, strong nails, as well as those with gels or acrylics. These highly affordable files can be found in nearly any retail shop where nail products are sold and are often included in standard nail care kits.

One of the biggest downfalls of traditional nail files is the damage they can cause when used improperly. The average user runs the file back and forth across the nail, which can cause the nail edge to incur damage. Even professionals are at risk for causing nail damage over time, as metal files are rough on the delicate nail surfaces. In addition, metal files can be difficult to clean.

Another type of traditional nail file is the glass variety. Glass nail files are designed to seal the keratin layers in nails, which helps to prevent cracking. They are also more effective at smoothing nail edges, especially for those with soft or delicate nails. However, while glass files are fairly durable, they can break if you’re not careful. They are also more effective on nails that have been already trimmed.

Electric Nail File

To drill or not to drill – that is the question. There’s been much controversy regarding electric nail files. While some salons swear on their effectiveness, others avoid them like the plague. One of the biggest advantages of electric files is the reduction of carpal tunnel incidences. As the whole arm and hand must move to use an electric nail file, you no longer have pain and stiffness caused by just flexing at the wrist.

With the right techniques, an electric drill can make the filing and buffing process goes by much quicker than with a traditional nail file, but there are some downfalls. These drills tend to create a lot of dust, which can be a concern for technicians. However, a dust mask can be worn when using the drill to avoid breathing in the contaminates.

You can find these nail salon supplies online, but both traditional and electric nail files have their place in salons. However, when used properly, electric nail files can increase speed, and therefore, revenue.

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