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By Maria Hernandez / August 12, 2016
chiropractic care for children

Children or kids are been taking good care of, by a chiropractor for more than a hundred years. Many parents who are a patient of chiropractic care, most of the time take delight in seeking chiropractic care for their children because they believe it is a natural form of health care that is safe and can help heal many common childhood ailments.

Why Your Children Need Chiropractic Care

When your children are growing they can encounter many physical pains or stresses and this can occur at any point or stage of their growth. The position the spine is forced to adapt when growing in the uterus is the latest problem.

The foetal position that can cause a problem during labor at childbirth can also affect the baby’s spine as well. The position of the baby in the mother’s womb can cause the spinal segments to be jammed or pushed out. The spinal problem will be compounded if the position of the child is less than optimal, leading to a difficult and longer trip through the birth canal.

With this, the eventual method of birth can cause stress and strain to the nervous system and spine of the child and this can lead to bad future wellbeing and health of the child. Many developmental points such as crawling, sitting upright, holding up the head and working which can affect the spine alignment are a more reason to have your child or children undergo chiropractic care. There are some other reasons such as heavy school bags, sports injuries, falls and sitting all day in the classroom, are all physical activities that can cause stress to your children.

Effect of Chiropractic Care on your Children

A thorough history of your children’s health is conducted first, by a chiropractor who is specialized in child’s care. Then a complete physical examination of the spine is conducted after which specific and gentle skills are used to find and correct any involved spinal area.

Children spinal adjustment requires nothing more than a light finger pressure to correct misalignments in the spine. The force is enough to restore mobility to spinal joints which has become jammed or locked, and that are causing the problem to the normal nervous system.

Sometimes the child may be sensitive in cases of an actual injury. To children, chiropractic care is painless, and they respond faster to treatment, compared to an adult. Once the treatment is done, the area is healed and pains are alleviated.     

Constant chiropractic care can help correct spinal problems of your children and enhance future well-being and functions.

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