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Traditional vs. Electric Nail Files

By Maria Hernandez / September 5, 2016

More and more salons are ditching their traditional nail files in favor of electric files. These handy tools are inexpensive and highly-effective at shaping, smoothing and shining delicate nail surfaces. Some are battery-operated while others require an electrical outlet, but they all serve the same purpose. With a filing attachment secured to the end, electric […]


5 Benefits of Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators

By Maria Hernandez / July 22, 2016

In a dentistry setting, sterile cotton tipped applicators have a number of functions. With 100 percent cotton tips and durable wooden stems, these pliable applicators allow dental professionals to clean and manipulate hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, without causing damage to the delicate oral tissues. Sterile cotton tipped applicators have a wide range of uses, […]


Fall Prevention for Seniors in Independent Living Communities

By Maria Hernandez / July 12, 2016

Falls are a serious threat to seniors. Not only can they cause severe, long-lasting injuries, they can also reduce their ability to maintain a high level of independence. While most independent living communities are carefully setup to minimize the risk of falls, accidents can and do happen. Fortunately, there are many things seniors can do […]

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