5 Benefits of Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators

In a dentistry setting, sterile cotton tipped applicators have a number of functions. With 100 percent cotton tips and durable wooden stems, these pliable applicators allow dental professionals to clean and manipulate hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, without causing damage to the delicate oral tissues. Sterile cotton tipped applicators have a wide range of uses, from applying topical medications to taking cultures. Here are just a few of the key benefits of sterile cotton tipped applicators in the dentistry field.

  1. Easily Target a Specific AreaSterile Cotton Tipped Applicators

Sterile cotton tipped applicators are highly absorbent, ideal for applying topical anesthetic, antiseptics or medications. The slim tipped applicator allows the dentist to apply the medication to a small, targeted area. For example, many dentists use cotton tipped applicators to apply a numbing agent to the gum adjacent to a cavity-stricken tooth before injecting a local anesthetic to numb the area.

  1. Swab the Oral Cavity

Today, many dental professionals screen for oral cancer by thoroughly examining the tongue and soft tissues within the oral cavity. If an area looks suspicious, a swab may be taken using a sterile cotton tipped applicator. These applicators are highly effective at taking microbiological cultures as the cotton tips are highly absorbent, tightly wound, and do not leave any residue behind.

  1. Dry a Tooth Fast

Before performing a tooth restoration, it’s important that the tooth being worked on is clean and completely dry to avoid contaminating the new filling. Sterile cotton tipped applicators are commonly used in dental practices to thoroughly dry off the surfaces of a tooth before performing a restoration. Cotton tipped applicators are gentle on teeth and oral tissues and are highly effective at absorbing moisture in the mouth.

  1. Probe Sensitive Tissues or Teeth

Sterile cotton tipped applicators can also be used as probing tools. A dentist may use a cotton swab to determine a patient’s chewing sensitivity. In this scenario, the patient is usually asked to bite down on the soft cotton part of the swab until they feel pain or sensitivity. By observing the patient during this sensitivity test, the dentist can better target the problem tooth.

  1. Clean Electronic Devices

Small hand-held devices used in the dental field can be difficult to clean and disinfect after each patient use. Sterile cotton tipped applicators can make this process easier by reaching areas that you may not otherwise be able to reach with your fingers alone. Cotton tipped swabs can also be moistened with alcohol to clean certain components of electronic dental devices.

Dentists and hygienists use a wide variety of tools to make their patients healthy and comfortable. Sterile cotton tipped applicators are one of these tools, offering quick, easy and targeted application for a wide range of dental functions.

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