Books by Mabel Maglone Leo

Adult Fiction

Dear Sweetheart

Seduction, Deception, Revenge


Deadly Choices

Sequel to Dear Sweetheart - Terrified of Charlie's passionate madness Norma fled across the country.

Children's Fiction


Solve the mystery of who stole the lion's roar. Ages 5-9


America - The Italian Dream

35 interviews with photos on living the Italian way in the USA

The Saga of Jack Durant

Biography of the only man Bugsy Siegel trusted with his life

Collection of Short Stories & Other Works

Because We Are Friends

A Stranger's Gift
Because We are Friends
* Christmas Secrets
Grandma's Quilt
Happy Birthday, Belinda
* Mushrooms at Seven
Sailor Springs Poem
Where is There?

* Prize Winners

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Dear Readers,

Born in Sailor Springs, Illinois and moving to Chicago at the age of eleven, I can only say I'm a small town girl from the big city. My first published work was in the newsletter of Hyde Park High School, a poem entitled "The Little Mouse That Lives in the Bottom of My House". That's all I remember so apparently it was not a big hit.

After high school I married, divorced, and married again. The second time I got it right and had 20 years of happiness. When I became a widow I began to write again. I'd written articles for a Florida newspaper years before but never a book. Now I have five with more on the way.

As you can see from the list of titles, I write in several genres. It's against the rules as writers are supposed to choose the niche and stay there. But when a story comes my way, I have to tell it.

Life is full of surprises and I enjoy sharing them. I hope you enjoy my books and that in each one you find something new and entertaining.

If you would like to share your comments on my stories, please do so at

Thank you for dropping by and --HAPPY READING.